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Alliance Partner Program

The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research has established an organizational role entitled "Alliance Partner" to further develop relationships with other organizations. The minutes of the Board of Directors state the following about the requirements.



From the minutes of the Board of Directors electronic meeting dated June 26, 2004.

Alliance Partners

$500 yearly membership fee

The members of the Jerusalem School have an association within our organization called Alliance Partner.

An Alliance Partner is an organization who understands the importance of the JSSR and elects to align their organization with JSSR and support its endeavors by formalizing a link. The roles of an Alliance Partner might evolve over the years, but the current guidelines are listed below:

    1. Alliance Partners will not be allowed to attend corporate meetings unless otherwise invited.
    2. Alliance Partners must embrace the two pillars of the JSSR.
    3. Alliance Partners are free to publish the JSSR Alliance Partner brand on their material.
    4. Alliance Partners may be specifically Jewish or Christian-based organizations but must clearly distinguish their organization from the JSSR and carefully protect JSSR's identity of being a strictly academic, non-religious organization.
    5. Alliance Partners are urged to attend the Breakfast and Reception annually held in conjunction with the North American SBL conference.
    6. Alliance Partners will be a part of an email list-serve and from time to time their opinion or input will be requested on various topics.
    7. JSSR has the right to publish the names of all or a select group of Alliance Partners.

For your organization to apply for partnership, please fill out the following application. No money is necessary for application.

Email Address
Mailing Address
Business Phone
Web Address
Corporation Type
Corporation ID Number
(issued by your Government)
Corporation Legal Address
(if different from above)
Incorporation Date
Corporate Vision Statement
Board Members
Organization Description (for use on our web site)
URL of Organizations Logo


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