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Alliance Partners

A number of organizations around the world have taken the information from the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research and made the research more palatable for different segments of the population. Through our unique relationship, the Jerusalem School's research and methodology have made it outside the academic setting and into the hands of the lay community of Jewish and Christian study groups.

To find out more about applying for your organization to be considered for Alliance Partner status, please direct your browser to our application.

The following organizations are Alliance Partners and may freely display our "Official Jerusalem School Alliance Partner" logo.



HaDavar Yeshiva (for the Nations)
HaDavar Yeshiva (for the Nations) helps Chinese Christians to understand Scripture from a Hebraic perspective, to build a closer relationship with Yeshua, and to become better disciples. We host Torah study classes every Shabbat, organize Bible study seminars in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian countries, along with translating and publishing books on Hebraic roots. We also organize annual study tours to Israel to further educate the Chinese believers in the geographical, cultural, and religious backgrounds of the Bible.


En-Gedi Resource Center
The En-Gedi Resource Center exists to provide opportunities for Christians to learn more about the Bible in its context. We do research, write, and teach from the Hebraic understanding of scripture publishing our materials in books, electronic media, and through our website. We sponsor study groups for pastors and laypersons, and hold workshops with guest speakers, including many from members of the Jerusalem School.  We are also involved in training pastors and church staff on ways to incorporate multi-media material into their educational programs.




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